Monday, July 21, 2014

Jay Z Divorce Drama: Beyonce Reportedly Chases Groupies From Husband’s Dressing Room

The Jay Z and Beyonce divorce drama just jumped a few notches with a report that Beyonce had to literally chase away a group of very eager fans who made their way into the rapper’s dressing room.

Beyonce and Jay Z have shared the stage during their joint “On The Run” tour this summer, but at the same time the couple has been the subject of seemingly endless divorce rumors. Sources say that Jay Z’s infidelity has pushed his wife to her breaking point, and that a split is imminent.

A new report from Star magazine claims that the tension between the couple is ready to boil over.

The magazine noted:

According to sources Beyonce recently had a major meltdown during her On the Run tour with hubby Jay Z, 44, over the constant flow of sexy groupies that make their way backstage. “Jay had all these women in his room, and Beyonce ordered everyone out,” says a tour insider, who adds the couple have separate but adjacent dressing rooms.
“She called the women cockroaches and said they need to be fumigated. She gave death stares to every person as they filed out one by one.”

This comes on top of rumors that Jay Z has been carrying on a number of affairs behind Beyonce’s back. There have been reports that Jay Z cheated with singers Rihanna and Rita Ora, and that he’s been carrying on a years-long affair with R&B singer Mya.

Amid these many reports of infidelity, sources now say that Beyonce has her mind set on divorce.

“She’s heard all the rumors about Jay fooling around, and she can’t take it anymore. The romance is over,” In Touch magazine claims. “He was toasting champagne with the crew and friends and some women who were brought back stage. Beyonce seethed when she saw a busty blonde nuzzling into Jay’s chest and him whispering something into her ear.”

But there are others who think that the divorce drama between Jay Z and Beyonce is something of a publicity stunt to draw attention to their summer tour. If that is the case, then it certainly has worked.

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