Monday, July 21, 2014

Lady Gaga: Too Fashionable For Public Decency

FishWrapper: It's time to feel embarrassed for Lady Gaga again, everybody! But this time, instead of feeling embarrassed for her about how obnoxious she is, or feeling embarrassed for her about a terrible song or something, we have the pleasure of feeling embarrassed for her about something kind of funny and charming that she did accidentally. And that, of course, would be this phenomenal nip slip. 

Gaga posted this photo on Instagram, and all she wanted to do, the poor thing, was talk about fashion and music: 

FASHUN: Vintage Mugler on the plane Listening to Miles Davis My favorite is Flamenco Sketches 

But all anybody saw, judging by the comments, was that super obvious boob just totally hanging out: 


But knowing Lady Gaga, this whole thing could have been on purpose. She could not even care that her entire boob was out for everyone to see, and that's the case, well, then that's all right, too. They're hers, she can show them if she wants to. But wouldn't it be so much better if it was a mistake? If maybe, just for once, she was a little bit relatable? Let's choose to live in that world, friends. Because that world is just a little bit sweeter.

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