Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mariah Carey's Unretouched Terry Richardson Photos Leaked

Terry Richardson became famous for taking advantage of women his raw and real (and often times scandalous) photographs of celebrities and models. 

However, Mariah Carey's unretouched pictures for Wonderland magazine leaked this week, contradicting the photographer's "authentic" style. 

Jezebel got exclusive access to the photos and pointed out each alteration that was made. 

The website addressed what's most striking about the different photos is the amount of color correction needed. Even Mariah's makeup was digitally added, which is surprising knowing that she's one of the biggest divas in Hollywood history and surely has a glam squad as big as a small village. 

Of course, with the additional bronzed skin tone, the photos are altered to make the singer look thinner with bigger breasts, no stretch marks and a more defined jawline. 

However, rather than picking apart the use of Photoshop (a conversation I think we're all a little tired of hearing), Jezebel addresses a bigger issue with Richardson, saying, "What's supposed to be so remarkable about Richardson's signature style is how his otherwise amateur methods, when used to shoot high-profile celebs, create uniquely candid portraits that appear to be at once documentary and aspirational." 

The publication continues, "His bare bones sets and harsh flashes suggest a spontaneity that is meant to imply the authenticity of that particular moment. But this doesn't seem very authentic at all."


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