Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nelly Delivers Knockout Blow To Floyd Mayweather On ESPN (Video)

"It's kind of hard to talk to a guy who hasn't graduated from high school." Jeez Nelly, tell us how you really feel! 

Nelly is a partial owner of the Charlotte Hornets and a full owner of throwing an immense amount of shade at Floyd Mayweather

The rapper went on ESPN's "Highly Questionable" to talk about his beef with one of the world's most renowned boxers and summed up his feelings succinctly and in sizzling fashion. 

Yeah ... that won't settle down things between the two any time soon. 

There was time for other sports talk, too ... well, not really. Nelly was asked about his infamous music video "Tip Drill," and compared working on it to Michelangelo's "David." Which means that in Nelly's mind swiping a credit card through a butt is the equivalent of Picasso's "Guernica."

If you feel you really need to watch "Tip Drill" then you're free to search for it. Just know it's above and beyond the level of NSFW and we warned you.


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