Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Magaluf Video Shows Young Girl Being Encouraged To Perform Sex Acts On Two Men By Carnage DJ

MIRROR (VIDEO) : An outrageous sex-tape showing a British girl performing sex acts on strangers in a Spanish bar for a free cocktail is NOT an isolated incident, a Sunday Mirror investigation can reveal.

The young tourist was slammed this week for her promiscuity with 24 Magaluf

But today we can reveal an even seedier scene where dozens of vulnerable
young girls are being exploited – duped into drinking too much then egged on
and verbally abused when they refuse to play.

In a new horrifying video obtained by our newspaper the vile DJ shouts: “This
is Carnage and this is what we do” as a no-holds-barred romp takes place in
the middle of a bar.
When she appears to stop, the DJ - who has a Geordie accent – bellows:
“You little sl*g, stop f****** about. This is Carnage and this is what we do. We
need to see someone get b*nged here don’t we? Who wants to see someone
get sh**ged?”

The chilling new video will cause even greater shock than the video which
emerged earlier this week depicting the 18-year-old Northern Irish girl as it shames the manipulative Carnage Magaluf party workers.

Since that video went viral, they have tried to distance themselves from the
sex game scandal.

But we can reveal the party firm has not only been openly encouraging young girls to take things to a terrifying level – they are even sickeningly cashing in on their new found notoriety to lure even more youngsters into cheap booze-fuelled debauchery.

Our undercover reporters flew into Magaluf after the 24-sex act video first appeared on Thursday.

But rather than be ashamed of the scandal, Carnage workers are in fact using the video as a selling tool to lure impressionable partygoers to their now infamous 25 Euro bar crawl.

What’s more it was actually one of their own reps who shot the original footage – and instead of being fired or feeling responsible he’s been openly bragging to friends.

The revelations will shock parents.

Carnage UK insist they are not linked in any way to Carnage Magaluf.

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