Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nigeria's Segun Toriola Puts On Unreal Defensive Display To Win A 41-Shot Rally Against Singapore's Ning Gao During The Commonwealth Games In Glasgow

If you're like us, ping-pong was something you played in a buddy's house after school, and it took about five points for the game to devolve into firing-squad target practice, where the goal was to hit your opponent, not the table.

But this is the Commonwealth Games, and these two table tennis competitors could hit the ball, the table, their opponent, and probably even a postage stamp from the other side of the arena. Behold the most ridiculously precise and athletic 40 seconds you're likely to see all day.

In the Games, currently taking place in Glasgow, Nigeria's Segun Toriola (in the green) waited out Singapore's Ning Gao in the 41-shot rally. Gao threw everything he could at Toriola, from hammer-slams to drop shots, and Toriola hung in there. And Gao didn't throw his paddle at Toriola, which is probably what we would have done.

Unfortunately for Toriola, Gao would go on to win the match. But at least Toriola's rally will live forever on YouTube.

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