Sunday, July 6, 2014

Prince Slams Lil Mo After She Threw Shade At Him On Instagram

Getting harassed by police is never fun. So we can understand Lil Mo's frustration when she was prevented by New Orleans police from using the bathroom while backstage at the Essence Festival. Despite having VIP passes, Mo was stopped and even "pushed in the stomach" because Prince was about to make his entrance on stage. Exasperated, Mo posted about the event on Instagram. 

"Erbody think they not human," she said. But then she went a step further with a second Instagram post, accusing Prince of not hitting his notes. Media Takeout reports that she wanted to fight Prince, who she said had "no songs on the radio 

And that's when things went haywire for Mo. For starters, Prince's fans mercilessly attacked her Instagram with comments. One example: 
"No wonder you're struggling to take care of your kids, look how nasty your attitude is! You're a royal bitch and very disrespectful. Prince could teach you a few things! Sit that nasty ass attitude down and take notes, hater." 

This was followed by Prince's response. While he has since deleted most of his tweets, one of them remains, and the sting is evident. 

Needless to say, beefing with Prince is not a wise decision.

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