Monday, July 28, 2014

Professor Green Grabs Millie Mackintosh's Boobs In Hilarious Snap On Night Out

They have gone from being a cute couple to being the coolest ever after MILLIE actually posted this naughty snap.

We can't decide what we love more about this photo, how close Millie is to losing her dress completely, or Professor Green's incredible expression.

Former reality star Millie posted the snap of her cheeky husband squeezing her boobs as he crept up behind her on her birthday this week (we assume), and we don't know whether to be shocked or delighted at the ease of their relationship.

Stood in a very low-cut gold dress, Millie is snapped as she spins around and laughs at her husband - while he looks like he's screaming in delight with both hands right where he wants them.

Mills simply captioned the shot: "Say squeeze"

But she got her own back, don't worry about that, and posted a snap of her husband fast asleep in the car shortly before.

Two can play at this game Pro Green.

This time she wrote: "Getting your beauty sleep @professorgreen?"

It of course takes us back to that time he did the same to her, while she was sunbathing happily under the American sun.

Sleepy Millie rocked the 'taking a nap' look with a floppy purple hat, fur gilet and perfectly sun-kissed skin. Just forget the open mouth.

Maybe this is her chance to get him back? We can see a pattern emerging here.

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