Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rapper Action Bronson -- Port-A-Potty Break During Concert ... Without Missing A Beat

Talk about having "flow" ... Rapper Action Bronson TOOK A PISS in a port-a-potty during a live concert this weekend -- while continuing to RAP during the ENTIRE bathroom break!!! 

Bronson was performing his song "Shiraz" at the Ottawa Bluesfest on Saturday when nature called -- but he didn't stop the show ... he grabbed the mic and continued to rap while he strolled to a bank of blue toilets. 

Then ... while in the pisser ... he CONTINUED TO RAP -- without missing a beat!!!

He eventually emerged to huge applause ... and continued to rap as if it were no big deal. . 

The most impressive part -- it looks like he used a paper towel to open the door from the inside so he didn't have to touch the handle ... WHILE RAPPING!!! 

Talented and sanitary.

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