Friday, July 25, 2014

Stalker Spent The Night Hiding Under Teen BED After Sending A Text Saying 'I'm Watching You'

  • Kyle Ravenscroft, 18, broke into home of his victim - who cannot be named
  • Text the teenage girl that he was 'standing in grounds' of her Chester home
  • She was so scared she slept in her mother's bed until the morning
  • It was only the next day that she discovered him under her bed
  • Magistrates called it a 'frightening' and 'psychologically harming' incident
  • He has been spared jail but given a restraining order not to contact victim
A stalker who broke into a teenage girl's bedroom and sent her a text message saying 'I'm watching you' from under her bed, has been spared jail.

Kyle Ravenscroft, 18, hid under the bed of his victim - who cannot be named - for an entire night and threatened to hang himself outside her bedroom window.

He told the teenage girl that he was 'standing in the grounds' of her home, in Chester and watching her.

He also text to say he had walked from his home in Ellesmere Port to her house and 'hoped she would wake up and find him hanging outside', Chester Magistrates' Court heard.

The court was told the 16-year-old girl - who was at home with her mother - was so frightened that she slept in her mother's room.

The court heard that just after midnight as she was falling asleep, Ravenscroft sent her a text reading 'I'm in your house'.

Although she did not believe him she did think he was nearby to her home, the Mirror reports.

She only discovered Ravenscroft hiding under her bed the next morning after noticing items out of place in her ground floor room.

Prosecutor Rob Youd told the court she checked under the bed after having the feeling that someone was watching her.

He said: 'She then noticed that all her shoe boxes, normally neatly lined-up, under her bed had been moved. She crouched down and saw him hiding under it.

'She said "what are you doing under my bed?" and he said he had been asleep.'

After her mother came into the room and ordered him to leave, he fled - but stole the girl's phone before doing so.

Police say he used it to 'discover personal details about her life'.

Checks to the girl's room later revealed that her bedroom door had been snapped off.

When questioned by police, he said he felt the incident had been 'steep'.
His lawyer said the incident had been a 'massive wake up call' for him.

Ravenscroft, who has no previous convictions, has been spared a jail term.

Chester magistrates described the incident as 'frightening' and 'psychologically harming'.

He was given a 12 week sentence, suspended for two years.

He was placed under a supervision order, ordered to pay £100 compensation to his victim after pleading guilty to stalking, and to complete 80 hours of unpaid work.

A restraining order also forbids him from contacting or going near the girl

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