Monday, July 21, 2014

Tyler Perry Sued For Alleged Unfair Dealings With Government Officials

The Associate Press reports that an Atlanta-based entertainment company is suing Tyler Perry for allegedly working unfairly with government officials in order to obtain a former military base to turn into a movie studio. 

Ubiquitous Entertainment Studios, an entertainment company in Atlanta, Georgia, filed the federal lawsuit this week against Perry, also naming the US Army and "a government authority working to redevelop Fort McPherson" as defendants. From the AP: 

Ubiquitous says its CEO met with the authority's chairman in December 2011 to share its vision of creating a movie studio and entertainment complex at the site. The company says Perry tried to persuade the authority to negotiate a similar deal with his company instead. 

Attorneys for Ubiquitous Entertainment Studios told the Atlantic Journal-Constitution that the company had been planning to build its movie studio on the site for years. They believe the McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority's actions violate its by-laws, and are,according to the AJC, asking for a declaratory judgment and damages: 

"In effect, MILRA [McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority] confirmed an exclusive franchise or property interest in the Ft. McPherson property to Perry and [Tyler Perry Studios] on a non-bid, non-request for proposal basis, with no advance public notice to give UES and other potential property developers an opportunity to compete for this real estate development. These acts and omissions of MILRA in this regard were arbitrary and capricious government conduct" 

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