Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Washington State Issues First Retail Marijuana Licenses

At 2AM this morning, Washington pot shop owners received electronic licenses granting them approval to open their doors to marijuana enthusiasts for the first time. 

Owners placed their large orders for various strains of the historic plant and will open on Tuesday. Residents of the north-western state voted to legalize marijuana for adults age 21 and over in November 2012. 

With only 100 approved growers in the state, and barely a dozen ready to harvest, it’s predicted that there won’t be enough weed for everyone in the first weeks of business. Price points for the exclusive plant will be around $25 a gram, about $5-7 more or less than your local street price (depending on quality and area). 

While many are celebrating the state of Washington’s milestone, others are completely appalled with the decision. A total of 10 counties, towns and cities have banned the business indefinitely. 

Many will be watching the sale of cannabis and tracking whether its a success or failure, ultimately serving as a test for other states to either follow suit or turn a cheek. With multiple stores set to open throughout the years, many on the east coast are wondering when their time will come. 

Although the drug is not completely legal on the east coast, it doesn’t stop our favorite rappers like Wiz Khalifa or Curren$y to stop chief’n. 

In a prior interview with MTV News, Wiz unsurprisingly gave his opinion on the legalization of “Mary Jane” 

“Definitely, legalize it. Please, everybody needs it. The world would be a better place.” -Wiz Khalifa 

So, how do you feel about the legalization of weed? drop us a comment below with your viewpoint

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