Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Charlamagne Advises Floyd Mayweather To Leave T.I. Alone If He Wants To "Stop Them Choppas From Flying." (Video)

While addressing Atlanta rapper T.I.’s recent run-in with boxer Floyd Mayweather, radio host Charlamagne shared his belief that the Grand Hustle lyricist may in fact be “Gucci Mane crazy.” Charlamagne spoke on the matter during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV and went on to explain the reasoning behind giving T.I. that label. 

According to The Breakfast Club personality, T.I. is willing to “die about his” when it concerns his family. 

“T.I.’s Gucci Mane crazy, ya know? I’m telling you,” Charlamagne said. “I think T.I.’s as crazy as Gucci. And I’mma tell you why I think that. His track record shows it. His track record fuckin shows it…T.I. ain’t never been afraid to die about his. He’ll let you know ‘I’mma die about mine.’ I really, truly believe T.I. will die about his. T.I. said ‘Yo, you disrespect me or my family I’m down to die about mine.’ T.I. wants to die about his. He’s just looking for a reason.

Looking for a reason. He wish a mothafucka would. And putting the choppa to the Money Team is probably one of the ways he would probably want to go out. Leave that man and his wife alone…I bet you ain’t nobody ever thought about running up on Floyd and his security guards anywhere.”

Charlamagne again encouraged Mayweather to leave both T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle alone if he wants to “stop them choppas from flying.”

“I think Mayweather need to leave T.I. the fuck alone,” he said. “That’s what I think. I think that he needs to leave that whole situation alone. If you say you don’t sleep with married women, don’t even address that situation anymore. When the dude yelled out ‘What about T.I.?’ He should have ignored him. You the best defensive fighter in the world, but you don’t know how to duck a fucking question? You didn’t have to answer that. You let that fucking question hit you right in the face. ‘Boom!’ ‘I fucked his bitch. I fucked his bitch’…I watched that video about 100 times cause I was on a plane. I didn’t see no ‘He thinks I’m fucking his bitch.’ All I seen was ‘I’m fucking his bitch. Fucking his bitch.’ Let me tell you something, man.

You can be the greatest defensive fighter in the world. You can roll with 30, 40 security guards. You playing with a man’s wife ain’t none of that shit gonna stop them choppas from flying, dawg. And if it’s one mothafucka that we know is crazy in Hip Hop—He actually don’t get enough credit for how crazy he is. T-I-mothafuckin-P.”

During a recent interview with Vibe magazine, Tiny spoke on the status of her relationship with T.I. The former Xscape singer revealed that they’re currently “working on” their relationship.

"Will our music affect our real-life relationship? I really don't know," Tiny said last month. "I mean if it does, I hope it's in a good way. Hopefully, it works out in our favor in the end. All I know is that I'm working on it. We're working on it."


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