Saturday, August 9, 2014

Danity Kane Break Up... Days After Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day Got Into Recording Studio Fist Fight

  • Group split after fight on Monday, when Dawn allegedly punched Aubrey in the head. 
  • Dawn 'enraged when she found out Aubrey and Shannon were meeting behind her back to record tracks and discuss business'.
  • Group reunited last May after breaking up in 2009.
Girl band Danity Kane have broken up, days after a recording session resulted in a catfight.

'Sadness does not even remotely begin to describe what I feel right now,' Aubrey O'Day, who was allegedly punched in the head by Dawn Richard, told TMZ.

Shannon Bex, who had attempted to intervene, said: 'I now must walk away feeling used and manipulated'

TMZ reported earlier this week that band members Dawn, 31, and Aubrey, 30, got into a fight, which resulted in Dawn punching Aubrey in the head.

Full statement

Shannon, 35, immediately tried to stop the fight, but was unsuccessful.

The website claims that Aubrey filed a battery report, with police investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports on Friday that according to sources connected to the group, Dawn was enraged after finding out that Aubrey and Shannon had been meeting behind her back.

They apparently recorded tracks and discussed business matters regarding the group, excluding her.

On Monday, Dawn caught the ladies red-handed when she arrived at the studio and walked in on one of their meetings, resulting in the fight.

However, Dawn tells TMZ that the stories about her are 'exaggerated lies and false accusations.'

It has certainly been a rocky road to stardom for the group, after the original five members called it quits in 2009.

Four members, including Aubrey, Shannon, Dawn, and Aundrea Fimbres then resurrected the band in May of last year so as to stage another comeback. D. Woods was not invited back.

Aundrea, 31, dropped out in May so as to focus on family after getting engaged.

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