Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Danity Kane Fight Under Investigation: Dawn Richards Reportedly Strikes Aubrey O'Day

Two of the three remaining Danity Kane members reportedly get into an altercation during a Los Angeles, California studio session.

It is being reported that Danity Kane members were involved in a fight Monday (August 4), approximately a year into their reunion.

The group's Dawn Richards and Aubrey O'Day were reportedly involved in the altercation in a Los Angeles, California studio, according to TMZ. During the scuffle, Richards reportedly punched O'Day in the head. The report says Shannon Bex, another member of the group, attempted to stop the fight.

O'Day reportedly filed a battery report and the altercation is under investigation.

Danity Kane, which now only features three members, broke up in 2009 after their work with Diddy's Making The Band 3 series. In 2013, the group reunited as four members, leaving D. Woods out of the comeback. Aundrea Fimbres was part of the reunion, only to step down from the group soon after, leaving three remaining.

Danity Kane has released two albums. The group released its self-titled effort in 2006 and Welcome To The Dollhouse in 2008.

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