Thursday, August 7, 2014

Miley Cyrus is Gonna Regret This One Day

That photo right there, it isn't just some dumb doodling a kid did on her arm -- or, I mean, it is, but it's also permanent dumb doodling -- because this is a brand-new tattoo that Miley Cyrus got right on her arm. It says "LOVE YER BRAIN." 

Also, it's absolutely absurd. 

Look, it's sweet that Miley seems to be having so much fun these days. It's cute that she's doing what she wants and living her life in the way that she chooses and all that; really, it is. But all these stupid tattoos, that just doesn't fall in line with the rest of it. When she grows up a little bit -- she's 21, guys, you know she's still got a bit of growing up to do -- she can take out her grill, she can stop taking so many silly selfies, but you know what she can't do, or at least what she can't do very easily? She can't take off all these ridiculous tattoos. 

Seriously, not to sound like a grandma or anything, but does she really think that she's going to enjoy a dumb, misspelled tattoo right on her arm when she's 40? Or is the problem that she just doesn't think?


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