Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nicki Minaj’s VMA Wardrobe Malfunction May Have Been Totally Planned

Nicki Minaj shrugged off her wardrobe malfunction at 2014 MTV Video Music Awards as she arrived at the Republic Records Afterparty at Project LA late on Sunday, August 24.

"You all know I had a wardrobe malfunction," the "Anaconda" yelled to reporters with a shrug before ducking the press line to join other celebs like Taylor Swift and Lorde at the post-awards show bash.

Earlier in the evening the curvaceous singer was happier to discuss the huge costume glitch. "It felt amazing to open the show," she told Us Weekly in the VMAs press room. "We ran out of time getting the dress zipped up."

But according to one source, Minaj's outfit drama was not unexpected. "She could never get into that dress," the insider told Us of the lack of time for a complete costume change mid-performance. "During the dress rehearsal she did the number numerous times and could not make it into the dress zipped up even once. I've no idea why she didn't just decide to wear something else. She just didn't have the time to change from one outfit into another, there was no way."

Rehearsals didn't go well for Minaj at all, in fact. On Friday, Aug. 22, one of her backing dancers was bitten by a boa constrictor during a practice, eventually causing MTV producers to ban the reptile’s appearance.

"MTV vetoed the snake on the show because it bit the same dancer again, when they were rehearsing off-site [on Sunday]," a source said.

One thing that did go according to plan, however, was Minaj's pre-awards diet, and her killer body, that looked amazing despite her wardrobe issues.

Minaj told Us the secret of her pre-award show diet preparation. "I’m always hungry and I wish I could eat whenever I wanted," she said after the show. "That’s really the truth. Every time I’m about to do something, I try to diet for like three days before it."


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