Saturday, August 9, 2014

Omarion Embraces Newborn Son In Heart-Warming Photos... As He Chooses Rather A Grand Name

Former B2K singer Omarion has officially welcomed his first child, a boy.

The 29-year-old R&B boy band member and his long-time girlfriend singer Apryl Jones delivered their baby at home on Thursday.

New father Omarion shared a photo with his son, whom he named... Megaa Omari Grandberry 'World. Allow me to introduce. MEGAA OMARI GRANDBERRY,' he wrote.

'He is 7 pounds. 4oz & 20 inches long. My son I’ve been waiting on you. God is the realist!!'

And he was complimentary about his girlfriend Apryl, writing: 'I witnessed a miracle. My soul mate is is so strong! Not only did she have a unmedicated birth (no drugs) she did it at home. Naturally. Just like my mom had me.'

And he told his new son: 'I love you. thank you for having my legacy. I’ll forever belong to you & you will forever be tied to me.

'Creating a child takes no love or skill but being a parent requires lots of both. Thanks for watching me grow.'

He added the following hashtags: '#MEGAAhome #OmarionsonMEGAA #donthateonmysonsnameillkillya #Nolol #royalObloodline #blasain #mysongotgoodhair #freshpitthewombhandsom'

The recording artist recently told OK! magazine that he was looking forward to becoming a father.

'I'm completely excited and confident going into fatherhood. I'm a big brother, I'm the first of four. But to have my own child is something that I've always wanted,' Omarion said.

He added: 'I just want my child to do whatever he loves, whether that be a mentor or a big brother at a YMCA or whatever. I just want my child to understand that he needs to be truly happy.'

Prior to the birth of his son, the singer has been busy working on a new album titled Sex Playlist that was expected to be released this summer.

Omarion's former band B2K scored a hit single with Bump, Bump, Bump that reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart on February 1, 2003.

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