Friday, August 29, 2014

(Video) Beyonce's Dad, Mathew Knowles Says She & Jay Z Used Divorce, Elevator Drama To Sell “OTR” Tickets - “It’s Called A Jedi Mind Trick”:

For the last few years, Mathew Knowles and Beyoncé’s relationship has been on the rocky side it seems. Ever since she dismissed him as her manager in 2011, Knowles has appeared to be on the outside of the family, as Bey, Jay, Solange (along with her son Juelz and man), Tina and her new man, Richard Lawson, continue on, smiling in pictures. Especially as paternity suit after paternity suit plagues his name.

But according to Radar Online, in a chat with 104.1 KRBE’s Roula & Ryan, Knowles says that he still speaks with his daughter, and that things are fine between them.

“We still talk every Sunday. She’s still the humble, generous person that she’s always been.”

But things might go south when she hears what he had to say about the elevator incident between Solange and Jay Z, and those divorce rumors. According to him, they used that drama to get people to see their On The Run tour.

“I know, because we’ve done this. From experience, there’s a tour going on. So you sometimes have to ignite that tour. It’s called a Jedi mind trick. The Jedi mind trick fools you a lot.”

Knowles was then reportedly asked if he thought they staged and leaked the video of the elevator fight.

“All I know is the Jedi mind trick. Everyone’s talking about it. Ticket sales went up. Solange’s album sales went up 200%!”

C’mon Mathew! This man has too much drama in his own life to be spilling any beans on that of his child’s…though what he’s saying probably wouldn’t be a shock to most…

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