Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Video: Blazed Sarah Silverman Whips Out Her 'Liquid Pot' On The Emmys Red Carpet

The red carpet for award shows is a place to drop designer names, make funny gestures in the Mani-Cam and tell everyone that you're just honored to be nominated. But if you're Sarah Silverman, you use it as an opportunity to act hilariously stoned and show off your "liquid pot" in case there was any doubt.

It was clear Silverman was a little out of it: she committed the sin of forgetting who made her clutch, joked that her Marni dress was created by the Girls character Marnie and kept touching her boobs so much that Giuliana Rancic had to calm her down. She joked, "They're the lowest they've ever been and the highest they'll ever be!"

She let Rancic go through her clutch by an unnamed designer, and she pulled out her vape pen, proclaiming that it was her "liquid pot."

Here's the video via Vulture:

Let's hope she wins, just so we can hear her speech.

Update 7:40 p.m.: Sarah swears she is not stoned in the press room:


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