Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Watch Exactly What Paris Hilton Does When She DJs

“I won’t believe it until I see it.”

That’s someone’s reaction when they hear about something that is hard to imagine. Paris Hilton actually Djing/mixing? No way. She’s been dissed, most recently by Deadmau5, however she still continues to make bank and DJ in Ibiza. 

Given the Paris conundrum, which I already have commented on, I was actually glad to see that a video had been taken of one of her sets, from a GoPro, aimed directly at her Traktor controller. Finally, something for people to see, because I sure know very few people who read this site are going to go to a high class Paris Hilton DJ set to experience things for themselves.

I’d like to actually thank Global for posting this video and completely bashing it, because when you actually watch it, you see someone Djing. Who would have thought? Now, I know that being a great DJ takes a lot of skill, but the actual act of mixing isn’t something I think is too difficult; although, I have the uttermost respect for Djs and what they do. So even if you abide by the notion that Paris is a stupid blonde idiot, even then I think she’d have the wherewithal to pull off
mixing four-to-the-floor beats and mashups to crowds.

Now, when you watch the video, you see that Paris uses more than one channel on her controller. You see she uses faders for both, meaning that music has to be coming through both channels during her set. Maybe not the clearest sign of actually doing something, but hey, it gives her some validation. Sure, she has a sound guy sitting right next to her, but I don’t really see him doing much; whereas I see different waveforms running through her channels on her Traktor mixing software. It may not be the best set you have ever heard, but this, to me, isn’t anything really different from seeing some of the popular Djs do their thing. I don’t see or hear this being any different from a set from someone like Steve Aoki, which I have experienced for myself (sorry Steve, I still like you).

Like I said before, there are more important things to focus on than Paris Hilton Djing. Even though it may seem like I am defending her, what I am actually defending is you from yourself.

Get off your high horse. Stop bitching. I’ve already received a lot of shit for my other article and I know this one is going to bring more. But, I did just watch this video. And I did just disagree (and have) with everybody, given what I saw; although we can agree upon it not being a great musical performance. If someone wants to prove me wrong, I would love that. I would love nothing more than to have everyone on the same page regarding the truth of whether or not she actually mixes, but this is pretty definitive for me. Her skill level and song choice, that’s a whole other debate, though.

And if I am proven wrong somehow, I still say don’t worry about what Paris is doing. Worry about what you are doing. How are you contributing to the scene? Paris may be a thorn in the sides of many, but what is she actually doing that is hurting our scene besides becoming the scapegoat for hatred? Not really much, especially compared to a hell of a lot of people out there. I will admit the situation is a bit ridiculous. But chill out. The only really bad things I saw in this video were
selfies, syncing, water getting spilled on equipment, too many mashups and the lack of oxygen for the million crammed people in the front. Those Little Hiltons are a dedicated and loyal bunch.


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