Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wiz Khalifa Posts Sexy Photo Of Wife Amber Rose's Booty As Warrant Is Issued For His Arrest After He Fails To Appear In Court

Amber Rose is right up there with Iggy Azalea when it comes to ass envy, and this photo -- caught on the "sly" by Amber's husband, Wiz Khalifa -- is no exception. 

It only further cements the idea that non-selfie selfies are sometimes the best selfies, and also, that is one gorgeous, flawless, confident body right there. 

You're a lucky, lucky dude, Wiz. Hope you know that so hard. 

Wiz Khalifa -- who famously thumbed his nose at cops in El Paso by posting a jailhouse selfie -- is now a wanted man in that fair city.

Khalifa -- who was arrested in May for trying to sneak weed onto a plane at the El Paso Airport -- failed to appear in court Wednesday, so the judge issued an arrest warrant. 

You may recall ... when Wiz was in the El Paso slammer he took a selfie and tweeted it out ... which triggered an investigation into jailhouse security. 

Looks like there may be more opportunities for Wiz to practice his photography skills.

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