Monday, September 1, 2014

50 Cent: ‘Nicki Minaj’s Back in the N**** Section’ – Usher to Go on World Tour (Watch)

*Nicki Minaj has been getting much praise for toning down on the pop tunes and returning to her hip-hop roots.

50 Cent added his two cents about Minaj and how mainstream radio pushing her decline has given her a harder musical edge.

“It’s going to change. They going to put you back in the ‘ni*ga section’. Trust me, you can be hot as a motherf*cker and then eventually they’ll put you back and you’ll find yourself at Urban Radio fighting your way into Top 20 crossover radio,” 50 tweeted.

He added, “You see it over and over. You see Nicki [Minaj] come from Barbie to being like ‘you a hitta a*s n*gga, n*gga, n*gga.’”

*In other entertainment news, Usher announced he’s touring the globe with “The UR Experience.”

The “Good Kisser” crooner made the announcement right before tearing down the VMAs’ stage Sunday night.

And he’s plan on not disappointing his fans by giving more stellar performances. He is shown working out and preparing to be in his ultimate shape for the upcoming world tour.

No tour dates have been announced just yet, but his promo video will definitely get fans hyped.


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