Sunday, September 21, 2014

Adele Givens & Laura Hayes Respond to Sheryl Underwood & The “Conference Call” Story

For those of you who do not know, Sheryl Underwood dropped a bomb on “The Talk” this week. The comedian admitted that during a preliminary conference call for the Queens of Comedy tour, she overheard several women talking negatively about her. Now two of the three ladies involved have responded to the allegations.

Ms. Adele Givens tweeted,

Meanwhile Laura Hayes instagrammed a photo of her wig on the floor with the caption,
Now I have take time out of my artistic hustle to respond to this bulls**t COMING SOON
#gotmypressureup #aintnobodygottimeforthis
#gotpeoplelookingatmesideways #youknowyougotbettersecretsthanthat

Oop! The ladies clearly did not confirm or deny what Sheryl said during her confession time.

Do you guys believe Sheryl is telling the complete truth? Would she really lie about something that happened so long ago?

She definitely turned the negative situation into something positive and did not defame the other ladies. Sound off in the comments section!

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