Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ariana Grande Opens Up About Relationship With Big Sean - 'Happy' With Her Love Life (Video)

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During the MTV Awards, in addition to some of the night’s lack luster performances, there was a moment back stage that left people’s tongues wagging. It was the above image of Ariana Grande and Big Sean walking hand in hand backstage at the show. The rumors have been swirling ever since someone spotted these two making out at the movies. 

But so far, neither one of them has spoken publicly about their relationship. That was until she spoke to E! Online.

Grande told Ryan Seacrest, “I’ll tell you when we’re not on air. I trust you. I’ve known you for a long time. I don’t know about these millions of people listening in right now.”
But she was a bit more forthcoming when she spoke to International Business Times.

Before she performed on NBC, the 21 year old sat down with Matt Lauer and he asked about her romantic life. She beat around the bush for a while, “Y’all are putting me on the spot!” And then she said, “Im happy.”

 Well there it is.


I get why she’s not too quick to speak about their relationship, particularly since both of them just came out of something. And then there are those pesky theories that Big Sean is just trying to attach his name to anyone right now to get his career to pop. You know what they say, two celebrities are better than one.

I don’t know…call me crazy I kind of like them together in an interesting, unexpected way. But if he starts showing up on the red carpet in matching outfits like he did with Naya…then I’ll have to retract that with a quickness.

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