Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beyonce Defies The Critics By Posting Shots Of Herself In Hotpants... Revealing Her Naturally Slender Legs

She was accused (once again) of photoshopping a 'thigh gap' into bikini snaps of herself after sharing pictures from her birthday.

But on Wednesday Beyonce seemed keen on defying her critics by posting a series of photos - apparently unaltered - of herself in hotpants, revealing her naturally slender legs.

The singer, who turned 33 earlier this month, shared the pictures on Tumblr of herself posing on a boat.

In the snaps, Queen Bey wears a colourful print top with matching bottoms (in the hot pants variety) as she stood tall in platforms while clutching a railing on the sea vessel.

The Drunk In Love songstress wore large oversize sunglasses as her limbs were covered in stick on gold tattoos.

In another picture she poses seductively in black bikini bottoms and a patterned top while picking up her left leg in a sexy flamingo posture.

Meanwhile, Bey has been faced with accusations of altering her Tumblr pictures in the past few months.

And fans once again pounced on a new image of Beyonce earlier this week which seems to indicate that the singer had been doctoring her pictures before sharing them online.

Queen Bey wowed fans across the world with her recent uploads, which saw her posing on the private super yacht that she spent her 33rd birthday on earlier this month.

But eager eyed fans soon pointed out a questionable distortion in one image which seems to suggest the singer had tampered with her pictures in order to create the appearance of slimmer thighs.

The picture in question sees the star smiling as she struts down the stairs, proudly showing off her bikini body.

However, the stairs between her thighs tilt up in a diagonal angle which seems to confirm that the picture has been touched up with an additional tool before being uploaded to her Tumblr page.

Fans flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts as one wrote, ‘Why the hell is Beyonce photoshopping in a thigh gap?’ and another tweeted, ‘Questionable thigh gap there, Bey. #photoshop #wonkystep #beyonce’.

Another added: ‘beyonce needs to chill out forever photoshopping a thigh gap’

One fan was less than impressed as they tweeted: ‘@Beyonce uses photoshop!! Why promote accepting yourself in your videos if you clearly lie about yourself?’.

It was even suggested that the star uses a similar app as Kim Kardashian has been accused of using as they wrote: ‘perhaps this image was doctored with the same app Kim K used’

Some fans stood up for the Partition hitmaker as one wrote: ‘Beyonce looks like...well, Beyonce, and all people can do is suggest she Photoshopped a thigh gap. Give me strength’.

Another said: ‘Really people, if we could all Photoshop our photos we would. Let's just calm down about Beyonce’.

MailOnline has contacted Beyonce's representatives for comment

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