Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dr. Dre Tops Forbes’ 2014 Cash Kings List (Again), Jay Z, Diddy And Drake Follow

Dr. Dre cashed out on everybody this year 

Dr. Dre claimed to be Hip-Hop’s first billionaire in that infamous drunk video he recorded with Tyrese (?), and while that wasn’t quite true, his official earnings in the scoring period Forbes used for their most recent list, the 2014 Hip-Hop Cash Kings, will make you stop dead in your tracks. $620 million. That’s how much the man whose highly anticipated album is probably never coming out made off of his business ventures–including a little music here and there–in Forbes’ last fiscal year. The financial magazine interestingly pointed out that it’s more than the other 24 people on the list made combined. 

The entire list is featured below, but here are some of the more standout points from it. DJ Khaled and J. Cole are two first-time entries on the list, both of whom made $7 million last year. Drake clocked in at #4 with the highest total of his career, which is impressive considering he doesn’t have nearly as many endorsements as some of the other people on the list. Wiz Khalifa, who probably has the lowest album sales of all the other Cash Kings still managed to bring in $13 million, thanks in large part to his widely popular and annual Under The Influence tour. Near misses include;Timbaland, Akon, T.I., Kid Cudi and Nas.

1. Dr. Dre: $620 million 
2. Jay Z: $60 million 
2. Diddy: $60 million 
4. Drake: $33 million 
5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: $32 million 
6. Kanye West: $30 million 
7. Birdman: $24 million 
8. Lil Wayne: $23 million 
9. Pharrell: $22 million 
10. Eminem: $18 million 
11. Nicki Minaj: $14 million 
12. Wiz khalifa: $13 million 
13. Pitbull: $12 million 
14. Snoop Dogg: $10 million 
15. Kendrick Lamar: $9 million 
16. Ludacris: $8 million 
16. Tech N9ne: $8 million 
16. Swizz Beatz: $8 million 
16. 50 Cent: $8 million 
20. Rick Ross: $7 million 
20. J. Cole: $7 million
20. DJ Khaled: $7 million
20. Lil Jon: $7 million
20. Mac Miller: $7 million

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