Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Took Yet Another Shot at 50 Cent When a Fan Asked Him About the Rapper Recently (Video)

Want to know how Floyd Mayweather feels about 50 Cent right now? Just ask him. 

That's what one fan did out in Las Vegas recently as Money Mayweather walked through a casino. 

And the boxer wasn't afraid to share his thoughts on 50 and the $750,000 reading challenge that he directed at Mayweather recently—even though the cameras were filming him for the latest episode of Showtime's All Access. 

"That's all he challenged me?" Mayweather yelled at the fan. "He gotta raise the stakes."

He didn't stop there, either. Mayweather also threw a shot at 50's recent musical output as well while responding to the fan. 

"Does he still make music?" he asked. "I ain't heard him in awhile." 

To answer Floyd's question: Yes, 50 does still make music. He actually just put out a new G-Unit project. But something tells us that won't change his opinion on 50 right now.


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