Friday, September 12, 2014

It Appears The Loch Ness Monster Has Relocated South Of The Border!

Now a picture taken at Windemere appears to show Nessie in the water

A mysterious photo taken in the Lake District suggests the Loch Ness Monster may have relocated to England and taken up residence in Windermere.

The picture - said to have been accidentally captured at the tourist hotspot in the Lake District - appears to show a Nessie-like creature emerging from the water.

But Mr Salmond need not worry about having such a high-profile defection on his hands - with the vote on Scottish independence only a week away, the more likely explanation is that the suspiciously timely picture is a PR stunt rather than a real monster.

The photo came to light immediately after a series of banks this week announced they would move to London if Scots voted 'Yes' and chose independence in next week's referendum.
First Minister Alex Salmond has said reports of financial institutions leaving Scotland are 'nonsense' and 'scaremongering'.

The photographer who took the picture, who has asked to remain anonymous, is said to have set up his tripod on Wednesday last week to take photos automatically throughout the day.

He was apparently hoping to capture the beautiful colours of the changing seasons and a few shots of a Greylag goose, a permanent fixture at the lake.

But after returning from his lunch and looking through the images, he reportedly noticed the strange presence in one of his pictures - and, luckily for him, a presence that had appeared with perfect political timing.

The frames were, for reasons unexplained, sent to camera firm Autographer, who say they are baffled by what it shows.

The company's James Ebdon said: 'Initially we were excited, then sceptical, and then we started laughing. Who knows what it is - maybe some kids messing about - whatever it is we will leave it to the experts.'

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