Monday, September 29, 2014

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Secrets From ‘Booty’ Video Shoot

Jennifer Lopez‘s super-sexy “Booty” video co-starring Iggy Azalea has been bumping, so to speak, on computer screens all over the world since it came out September 18. 

Case in point: As of now, it has nearly 40 million views on YouTube! 

But the American Idol judge wasn’t always so sure of the director’s vision, she explained when she called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Monday morning.

“I had never worked with Hype Williams and we had talked about working together for years.

He’s like the famous video director, amazing director and so artistic.

He said, ‘If we do a video together, it’s got to be amazing. … Just you, me, the camera, that’s it.’

I was like, ‘Wow what does that mean?’

‘He’s like, ‘Yeah, you just perform the song.’

And right there, I was already nervous. But you know what? I’m just going to trust him.” 

And Iggy didn’t question Hype’s vision either. 

“It was very funny, it was like we were just trusting him,” explains JLo. 

“Ok, tell us what to do. ‘Ok, you wear the black bathing suit, you wear the white bathing suit.’ We decided that on the day. 

She had to go run out and buy a bathing suit. 

She was like, ‘Oh I have to go try on bathing suits,’ so she left the set. 

I started with booty closeups and stuff.” 

But once the two bootylicious stars came together, it was pure music video magic … and they had just as much fun making it as we all did watching it! 

“The day kind of went closeups, then me and Iggy together, and then once it was me and Iggy together, it was just fun,” gushes Jennifer. 

“There are so many outtakes of us laughing at ourselves, like, ‘What are we doing right now?’ … I love her verse on this. It sounds so good. 

When she’d do it, I’d be rapping with her. 

There was so much footage that we didn’t get to put into the video. It was only four-minutes long.”

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