Thursday, September 18, 2014

Michael Schumacher Latest: F1 Star 'Cared For By 24/7 Medical Team Costing £100,000 A Week'

Formula One hero Michael Schumacher is surrounded by a 15-strong medical team battling 24 hours a day at a specially-built clinic at his Swiss mansion home.
Care costs are estimated to run at over £100,000 pounds a week in wage bills and medical equipment rental.

The Lausanne rehabilitation clinic which Schumacher, 45, left last week to return home 254 days after suffering catastrophic head injuries during a ski holiday confirmed it has trained-up the experts now attempting to get the seven-times world champion to live a normal life.

A spokesman for the clinic said: "A large part of the team that cares for Michael now was trained by our specialists.

"We are following his treatment and are still a point of contact and entirely at his disposal."

Schumacher's manager Sabine Kehm said last week his medical condition still had not had significantly changed.

The race ace still remains mute and immobile with only periodic movements of his eyes which medical experts call the "minimal consciousness" phase of a coma awakening.

Schumacher, worth over £300 million, was placed in an artificial coma on December 29 last year after smashing his head onto rocks while skiing at the French Alpine resort of Meribel.

He remained in the coma for 159 days and was moved to Lausanne from the University Hospital of Grenoble just weeks ago.

Manfred Spitzer, medical director at a specialist brain hospital in Germany, told the country's BILD newspaper: "I do not know the condition of Michael Schumacher, but if it is stable, then the familiar surroundings of his home can certainly help for now.

"Such emotional stimulation is very important for patients who have suffered a severe brain trauma."

Schumacher's father Rolf is moving from his home in Germany at the end of the year to live in a house built in the grounds of the £35 million pound Gland mansion to be near his son and wife Corinna.

Michael's children Mick, 15, and Gina-Maria, 17, are said to spend hours
every day at his bedside.

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