Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Paris Hilton's Clear Tote Reveals Numerous Loose $100 Bills As She Steps Out With Her New Pomeranian Pooch

Some carry pictures of their loved ones in their purse, but Paris Hilton opts for a snap of herself instead.

The 33-year-old heiress was spotted walking around LA with her brand new $13,000 Pomeranian dog and an interesting collection of items in her handbag.

Shy as ever, Paris had selected a see-through plastic tote bag, revealing the contents to passers-by as she carried her her new pooch, Mr Amazing.

The bag appeared to be full of a fair number of $100 dollar bills as well as what can easily be identified as a picture of her own face.

Sitting next to the noble face of Benjamin Franklin, Paris' bright blonde hair can be seen shining out next to a typically pink blanket.

Taking a closer look, the profile appears to be on a packet of her own branded eyelashes.

Wearing a dog print mini dress, it's clear that Paris is rather excited to have a new pooch in her life.

The Hilton Hotels heiress has rarely been seen out lately without her miniature pup on her arm, making the most of the hefty price tag he came with.

Her new teacup pet has been touted as 'the smallest Pomeranian in the world' at just two-and-a-half inches and only more than one inch off the ground.

According to TMZ, the sometime-DJ bought the dog from Betty's Teacup Yorkies in Calgary, Canada during New York Fashion Week.

Bought at five-months-old, it weighed less than two pounds when it joined her family of six other dogs.

Paris has been flooding her Instagram with pictures of her new fluffy friend, captioning one photo: 'I love him! Cutest thing on Earth! Love my new baby!'

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