Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rare Bird Survives Arduous 3,000-Mile Journey From Africa To Britain – Only To Get Savaged By A Cat

A rare African breed of bird survived a long and hard 3,000-mile migration from its native continent to Britain – only to be savaged by a cat. 

The wryneck was searching for some ants and grubs to eat in a Somerset garden to replenish its energy after the long and arduous trip but a cat had other ideas. 

When the cat’s owner came out into the garden to find the bird mangled and barely alive, she rushed to it the nearby Secret World Wildlife Rescue, where staff attempted to save it. 

After five days, however, the wryneck finally succumbed to its wounds.

‘He had a few puncture wounds and was assessed by a vet,’ Debbie O’Keefe, one of the vets at SWWR, told The Mirror.

‘Nothing was broken but he didn’t seem to want to fly and never really recovered.

We tried to put him outside in an aviary to see if he would move around a bit, but he didn’t.

‘We brought him back inside into an incubator, but unfortunately the next day he died.’

Birds tend to migrate either for more forgiving climates or a more reliable foo source.

A small number of wrynecks – who get their name from their ability to turn their heads almost 180 degrees – pass through Britain as they head north from sub- Saharan Africa in autumn.

‘I have worked here for 20 years and I have never seen one of these birds in the
whole time, they are very rare. It’s really sad,’ said Debbie.

‘They are incredibly difficult to see. They also do a really impressive snake-like movement of their head to make predators think they are dangerous.

‘I don’t think it fooled the cat.’

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