Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who Would Have Thought Iggy Azalea Could Teach Us About Class?

Iggy Azalea, she of the magnificent ass and questionable choices in collaborations, is proving herself to be one of the classiest ladies in music today ... at least when it comes to defending herself against critics. No one can call what she did in that "Booty" music video classy, but the way she responded to fellow lady rapper Rah Digga's negative comments is all class, all the way. We should all be very proud. 

Here are Rah Digga's original comments: 

"Iggy Azalea, I can't really get into her. Because it's just not real to me. There is a white girl from Australia that spits in an Australian accent, and her name is Chelsea Jane. That I can get into. Teach me Australian Hip-Hop culture. Don't come to America and try to convince me that you're Gangsta Boo ... They're too many passes being given. When did it become wrong to call out people that don't write their own rhymes? When did that become a crime in hip-hop? ... Hip-hop is representative of this—to inform and empower inner city youth. I'm fine with anybody's race, creed, or color participating, but don't ever forget what it was created for in the first place." 

Uh, OK. Judging by the popularity that Iggy has, her music is obviously real to a lot of people, and where did the thing about Iggy writing her own lyrics come in? This seems like a big mess of trying to slam Iggy for any reason possible, and if you look at the tweets she made in response to this, you'll see that she doesn't really get it either: 

You tell 'em, girl. And on the way, go ahead and show 'em how it's done, too. She could have tweeted out all kinds of super defensive, ugly comments, but she didn't. And that's why Iggy Azalea is going places.

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