Friday, October 24, 2014

Boyfriend Cuts Off His Penis And Throws It In The Bin After Girlfriend Dumps Him For Being Bad In Bed

  • Oliver Ilac, 22, said he decided to cut off his penis because it was too small
  • But he had to call an ambulance after he was unable to stop the bleeding
  • Doctors reattached his organ but it is not known if it will ever work properly

A man blamed his small penis for his girlfriend breaking up with him and decided to chop it off with a razor.

But after cutting off his organ and throwing it in a bin, 22-year-old Oliver Ilic, was unable to stop the bleeding.

He called emergency services and was taken to a hospital in Kocani, Macedonia, where he told medics he had decided to cut it off because it was no use.

He explained his girlfriend had ended their relationship after telling him he was not good in bed.

Police searched his house and found the severed penis in a bin along with the razor blade he had used.

Local doctors were unable to reattach the organ and Mr Ilac was taken to another hospital in capital Skopje - where surgeons successfully reattached it in a five-hour operation.

But it is too early to know if Mr Ilac's penis will function properly again.

Another Macedonian man recently chopped off his own penis.

But unlike Mr Ilic, the man flushed it away in the toilet so it was not able to be reattached.


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