Monday, October 27, 2014

Florida Men Capture 765-Pound Alligator With Bare Hands, Name Him Lumpy

Two men in Jacksonville, Fl. who had been on the lookout for a massive alligator finally took their reward on Thursday when they were able to get their hands on a 765-pound, 13-foot-4-inch "monster" alligator. They promptly named him Lumpy. 

Keith Kelley and Kelly Sziy had been searching for this beast for several months, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. They were able to capture him before sunrise on Thursday with only "a rope, a few hooks and their strength."

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"Put some leather gloves on and I told Kelly: we're going to have to get him by hand and that's all it is to it. Hang on," Kelly continued. 

Four hours later, "Lumpy" was brought in and weighed. He was so heavy, he broke the scale. Specialists at the Alligator Farm say they don't see those kinds of catches very often. 

The alligator (why would you name it if you're going to kill it?) was then killed and used for processed meat. Lumpy's head was mounted on a wall, and the men celebrated by continuing their hunt for larger and lumpier alligators to kill.

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