Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Horrifying Moment A LIVE Inch-Long Moth And A Tick Are Pulled Out From A Man's Ear

  • Man is seen lying on the ground shouting in pain as a moth flew into his ear
  • Friends find a tick buried in his ear canal too and remove it with tweezers
  • Moth is more difficult to pull out as it flutters and buries itself further down
  • They eventually manage to remove it and an inch-long live moth is revealed
  • Video of the uncomfortable moment is posted online

This is the stomach-churning moment a live moth and a tick are pulled out of a man’s ear.

The man, known only as ‘Mikey’ and from the U.S., is seen lying on the ground shouting out in pain and swearing profusely as his friends eventually manage to pull both a moth and a tick out of his ear canal.

On a video taken of the bizarre event that was posted online, he said: ‘I felt him go boom and I went to go smack and he went in there’.

As the camera zooms in on his ear canal, it becomes clear there is a tick as well as the moth buried an inch deep.

His friends remove the tick bit by bit, but the moth proves more difficult.
Fluttering and burrowing itself down further into the ear, they struggle to pinch its body with the end of the tweezers.

Eventually they manage to get hold of the moth and pull it out in one swoop.
The moth, still alive, flies to the carpet where one of his friends catch it and hold it close to the camera.

The brown moth - more than an inch in length, is seen squirming as it is held close to the camera.

It is not the first time that someone has been caught out by a wandering bug.
Only last week a man, believed to be from India, had a three-inch cricket removed from his inner ear.

The man arrived at the doctors complaining his ear was itchy, and was horrified when medics revealed the source of his discomfort was a live cricket buried deep in his ear canal.

A doctor then had to carefully remove the twitching creepy-crawly, using tiny tweezers to pinch the bug and pull it out of the ear.

In August, a father-of-three who felt a moth fly into his ear as he lay reading in bed had it buzzing around inside his head for three days.

Eventually, Rob Fielding, 43, a marketing manager from Buckinghamshire, sought medical help - and ended up needing a 90-minute operation to remove the insect from his ear canal.

And in January this year, Australian doctors came to the aid of a man who had a cockroach crawl into his ear.


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