Monday, October 13, 2014

Iggy Azalea Wishes Deadly Ebola Virus That Has Killed 4,000 People On A Photographer - 'I Hope You Get Ebola And You Die':

At least 4,000 people so far have tragically lost their lives from the deadly Ebola virus but that didn't stop Australian MC, Iggy Azalea from wishing it upon a photographer.

While shopping in Vons Grocery Store in California on Friday, the Fancy songstress became irate with a photographer who was taking pictures of her.

As she returned to her car with a friend in tow, she lashed out at him saying, 'I hope you get Ebola. I hope you die.'

She proceeded to call him a 'c***' while she tried to ram him with her shopping cart because the papparazo snapped Iggy as she tried to buy eggs in the store.

She took to her Instagram on Saturday to defend her actions saying it was her own 'opinion'.

'Something is only "the way it is" for as long as one ALLOWS it to be,' she captioned a meme of He-man with the slogan, 'Dude, I'm having a bad trip!'

'What I'm comfortable consenting a paparazzi do doesn't require anyone's opinion but my own. I don't see why that's hard for some to fathom.

'Judge me for spazzing if you like but you only saw the 30sec aftermath which was classy in comparison to what he said to us inside the grocery store where we discovered him lying on the floor after we had repeatedly & politely asked him to leave multiple locations during the course of the day.

'I don't hate paps, just the really aggressive ones... I only treated him the way he treated me all day. Fair is fair playboys and girls. peace out,' she wrote before trying to lighten the mood, joking in the same message about a couple having sex.

'Ps. Someone in the hotel room above me is getting p******. I can hear it.'

It was an eventful weekend for the blonde beauty as she also took to Twitter to hit out at reports her former lover Hefe Wine has filed for a divorce from the star...even though she had no idea they were 'married'.

She wrote, 'I think we already know, but just to clarify. I'm NOT married. Feel free to check the PUBLIC marriage records.'

The outburst was sparked by Iggy's ex-boyfriend Hefe Wine requesting a 'divorce' from the 24-year-old artist, insisting they 'agreed to be married' after living together in Texas, where state law says a man and woman can be considered legally married if they live together and agree to tie the knot.

But Iggy clearly doesn't think the claim has merit, writing in another Tweet on Saturday, 'The whole cycle is stupid and a waste of my time' and adding the tongue-in-cheek hashtag, 'who gets the silverware'.

Monday fared far better that the hit maker as it was announced she scored the most American Music Award nominations with six nods, including the coveted artist of the year and favorite single and hip hop album.


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