Monday, October 20, 2014

Justin Bieber Gets Hit With $200 Parking Fine As He Sits Behind The Wheel Of His Ferrari

With an estimated net worth of $200 million, Justin Bieber can certainly afford to rack up a parking fine or two without too much drama.

Of course, that doesn't mean it's any less embarrassing - especially when he was sitting at the wheel of his ostentatious bright red Ferrari when he received the unwelcome gift during an outing in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

Indeed, the popstar looked positively mortified as the parking officer diligently imputed Bieber's details into his electronic ticket machine, reportedly issuing
him with a $200 fine for parking in the red zone during what was supposed to be a leisurely ice-cream outing.

The fine certainly put a dampener on the sweet treat run, proving to be a costly excursion for the 20-year-old.

While Bieber remained behind the wheel of his vehicle with the window rolled up as the citation was issued, his burly bodyguard - who had presumably been sent into the store to pick up the frozen dessert - quickly leapt into action, standing over the officer as he did his job.

Unfortunately for the pair, his presence did nothing to stop the official from issuing the ticket - in fact, the bodyguard also appeared to get one of his own, having followed his young charge in a black SUV which was parked behind him, also in the red.

Parking fines in the affluent neighbourhood average about $90, with the pair racking up the best part of $200 between them.

Though it wasn't the most auspicious end to the weekend, at least it wasn't a complete fizzer for the hitmaker.

On Friday night, the newly single star enjoyed a night out with pals before bringing a bevy of young girls back to keep the party going.

He then followed it up with a day of retail therapy in Beverly Hills with pal Lil Twist on Saturday, the pair dropping their hard-earned cash at a number of luxury stores.


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