Sunday, October 26, 2014

Man Choked Girlfriend After Realizing He’d Been Catfished

A Georgia man was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly attacking his girlfriend.

According to My Fox Atlanta, the digital lovers met in person for the first time when Cornelius Jefferson, 33, ventured to Kentucky with two suitcases prepared to move in with his ladylove. It’s unclear exactly how much time passed between their first face-to-face encounter and the October 21 incident, but according to reports, the pair began to argue during the wee hours of the morning because Jefferson felt that the woman looked nothing like her profile picture.

“When Deputy Morris arrived at the scene, he learned that there had been an argument between this subject and his girlfriend. This subject had allegedly moved from Georgia after meeting this female subject on the Internet. The argument was allegedly because the male subject didn’t think she was like she was on the Internet,” the Laurel County Sheriff Department shared in a Facebook post.

As the argument escalated, things became physical and Jefferson allegedly choked the victim using both hands, threw food in her face then took off with his two suitcases.

“Deputy Morris located the subject on Litton town road, nearby. Cornelius Jefferson was charged with assault,” the Facebook post adds.


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