Thursday, October 23, 2014

Miley Cyrus Continues Her Trashy Selfie Parade

You've probably noticed by now that Miley Cyrus, for some strange, unfathomable reason, has this thing going on where she really likes to make herself look bad. Which, to a certain extent, is fine: she doesn't have to look pretty and happy all the time, if she feels more comfortable just sticking her tongue out for pictures, that's all her. But she's gotten to a point where she seems to be bragging about being a hot mess, what with all the talk of drinking so much she vomits, that kind of thing. We've had all that, and now we have this.

Miley posted that photo up there to her Instagram, and felt the need to explain her outfit:

wearing a skirt that got me lucky last time

Oh, wow, Miley, congratulations. You have sex, and seemingly casual sex at that!

You must be so proud of how edgy and grown up you are. And the way it sounds like you don't even care, like you said you "got lucky," man, you're like the biggest, baddest girl there ever was. We're all so impressed, Miley. Really, way to be a badass. You're, like,so mature.

Ugh. Ugh forever.

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