Thursday, October 23, 2014

'Mozart Boob Twerking Girl' Reveals She's Received Death Threats After Her Video Went Viral With 26MILLION Hits In One Week

  • Sara X Mills filmed a video of herself synchronizing her chest to Mozart
  • She has revealed that her silicone implants are the key to clip's success
  • Her video how now had 26 million views but she says that she will be glad when her 15 minutes of fame are over
A tattooed model who became an internet sensation after posting a video of herself jiggling her boobs to Mozart says she she's getting death threats after rocketing to Internet stardom.

The clip, posted online by Sara X Mills, showed her moving her breasts individually and simultaneously to the sound of Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik.

The hilarious video has now been viewed 26 million times in the space of a week.

The viral hit has turned her into an overnight celebrity - bringing both the good and the bad. She says she now gets recognized at the grocery store and has raised money for charity.

Sara X, a former stripper and freelance writer, says that she was 'bored and uninspired' at the time she recorded the video.

Writing on Jezebel the 27-year-old model, who admits her breasts are fake, says she decided to try something new.

But she never anticipated the online abuse she would get - and even death threats.

'I know I've definitely been called a w**** and a s*** and an attention w**** far more times than I ever was when I was actually in an adult industry,' Sara says.

'Mostly the people who have negative things to say about my character, or my presumed profession, past profession, and life decisions don't get that the video is meant to be humorous, and operate under the assumption that I just wanted to show the world my boobs.'

She adds: 'I won't be too sad when my 15 minutes passes: it's a little disconcerting to have the clerk at the grocery store recognize me as "the Mozart boob twerk girl." Only a few people have messaged me death threats; overwhelmingly, the response is positive, and I've raised money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and I am always pleased to hear from people who message me saying that they too are trying to flex their boobs.'

She explains: 'I'm not a stranger to putting myself out there, though I had an incredibly conservative upbringing. I became a dancer, not of the ballerina variety.

Most of my seven-year 'career' in that field was spent working in bikini bars where stripping and lap dancing were illegal,' she writes.

'I did develop a love for performing using my body as a means of expression. I relied on physical comedy, interacting with the people who sat at my stage and making them feel like we shared an inside joke. I never took myself seriously.'

'It never occurred to me to be ashamed of my body or what I was doing with it.'
Sara has ensured her achievement goes down in history by recording her boobs in action.

The soundtrack Sara chose to showcase her talent was performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in 1936.

Since she uploaded the piece last week, Sara has been on the receiving end of speculation that she faked the movements.

'About that chest: getting breast implants was a conscious financial decision. Night after night I watched girls with implants have money literally thrown in their faces just for being onstage with those boobs. Naturally, I wanted in on the action!'

Viewers accused her of attaching invisible string to her chest, creating an effect similar to a puppeteer, who would move the body parts from above.

There was also a far-fetched theory that Sara had been shocking herself electronically to force the movements.

But she has since responded to the critics revealing that her fake breasts are the tool that enabled her to move her chest so easily.

She said: 'While my boobs are very fake, the video is very real... I am flexing my pectoral muscles and it's moving my implants.'

Sara claims after the breast-enhancing surgery she was able to perform her special trick.

'Post-recovery, I was delighted to realize that I could do the crazy boob bouncing trick I had seen some of my coworkers do since day one. Customers would get all excited about boob bouncing, and I'd think: submuscular implant displacement, mmmm, yea baby.'

'I hadn't seen anyone perform my particular favorite boob trick. So I figured: why not give it a shot? The idea is I want people to think I'm going to come out and sing a song. Then while I do the boob bounce… you know how musicians look in an orchestra while they're playing? I'm going to do that face.'

'Feeling quite pleased with my work, I published the video on Youtube, hoping for maybe 150,000 views total and a few good laughs. Within an hour, their post of my video had been shared over 1,000 times.Three hours later I was awoken by a barrage of texts saying that my video was beginning to show up on websites that my friends followed.

Then it landed on the front page of Reddit. By noon, the count was in the tens of thousands. Emails began to roll in, from people wanting to air my video, to sign me to representation.

By the end of the day the views surpassed a million, and the next day was even crazier: the calls and emails included a TMZ interview and a reporter from a very large UK tabloid calling to make an offer for my exclusive story.'

Since the story was first posted, interest in Sara's unique talents has now died down, but the views continue to climb and are now close to 26 million hits.

She says that she does not read the comments section to avoid reading some of the cruel thoughts people leave.

She appears to realize that often fame of this kind of often fleeting but Sara is looking forward to some quieter days ahead 

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