Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Omarion Responds To Break-Up And Paternity Drama Rumors

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So apparently there were rumors that Omarion and his girlfriend, Apryl Jones, have been experiencing relationship trouble since the birth of their son, Megaa. It’s unclear where the rumors began, but folks were speculating that the two have been at each other’s throats because there were questions about who Megaa’s “real” father is.

According to The YBF, rumors suggest that it was Omarion’s mother, Leslie, who first began questioning the paternity of the infant, arguing that the baby looks nothing like O. It’s also alleged that Leslie accused Apryl of stepping out on her son with an ex-boyfriend, who is Mexican. According to the rumors, when Leslie and O demanded a paternity test, Apryl refused, which is why they broke up.

Not being one to let talk like this fester for very long, Omarion took to Instagram yesterday to shoot down both the break-up rumors and the paternity drama rumors.

“Told Megaa…>Son, they think someone else is your dad. He said {LOL} Maury said YOU ARE THE FATHER. #hegaveYOUtheFinger #Ididntshowhimthat #stopwiththefakepress #Ilovehismomma #Megaa #yallLovetostartshit #Myfamilyisunbreakable #weswaggntoo #middlefingertoALLthatsupportlies #lovetothosewhodont #imdone.”

We’re relieved to hear that Omarion and Apryl are still going strong and that the messy Maury Pouvich-esque drama was just a rumor.


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