Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rapper 3D Na’Tee Exposes Instagram Stunters In Hilariously Sad But True Music Video

If you’re an active (or even occasional) Instagram user, chances are you’ve come across several perpetrators who use the social media app to portray these grandiose lifestyles that they’re supposed to be living. Rapper 3D Na’Tee tackles that very subject in her new song and music video, “Do It For The Gram.”

The music video tells that story of two individuals, one male and one female, who go to some pretty desperate lengths to prove their worthiness on social media. In one scene, the female star of the video pretty much ignores her three children—except when she’s asking them to snap pictures for the Gram, of course—as she’s busy doing things like posing for a photo with a pair of Jordan sneakers on her hands to make it appear as if she’s with the “bae” or snapping suggestive selfies.

In another scene, she paints a pair of heels with red paint so that her followers can believe that she owns a pair of Louboutin shoes.

The male star of the video also portrays a pretty sad character, who snaps photos of himself with guns and piles of sugar, which he wants followers to believe is cocaine. In reality, he lives with his mother and isn’t anywhere close to leading the life that he’s presenting on social media.

In addition to a pretty amusing music video, the lyrics to “Do It For The Gram” are also rather thought provoking.


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