Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TI Prank A Group Of Fans In Footaction

See, the way that their accounts were set up… 

That moment you get hustled by T.I., live on camera, yup, its as funny as it sounds. T.I. teamed up with Footaction to take a few fans on a shopping spree throughout the store. They were styled by the rapper who pretty much just helped them throw it in a bag. But here’s the catch, the fans think the tab is being fronted by T.I., of course. Because who in their right mind would blow $10,000 in Footaction on Nike, Jordans, snapbacks and Hustle Gang gear? The unsuspecting shoppers make their way to the register only to realize T.I. is M.I.A.

Watch their reactions when the cashier tells them their totals.

H I L A R I O U S.

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