Thursday, October 30, 2014

Twitter Calls Out Kelis Due To Recent “Unappealing” Photos

Everyone has their bad days.

Singer/chef Kelis has always been commended on her natural good looks, but after photos revealed what she looks like these days people have began retracting their once-positive comments.

After performing at “Ball Out Beaucoup” in New Orleans Sunday night, Kelis took a few photos for her fans, and let’s just say they& aren't the most flattering. With her& bright, blonde tresses and too-tight bodycon dress, everyone mutually agreed that she did look indeed, off.

Twitter got their hands on the photos a few hours later and (naturally) the jokes began flying, saying everything from “she let Nas down” to “she can keep that ‘Milkshake’.”

According to The Shade Room, Kelis stated they caught her after the turn up: “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” 

You do that, girl.

In her defense, until today we've never seen a bad photo of her, so let’s just hope she doesn't keep this charade up too much longer.


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