Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tyga Responds To An Instagram Comment Regarding Him & Kylie Jenner’s Rumored Relationship

Enough is enough… 

Alright, just about everyone is sick of the Tyga and Kylie Jenner rumors. Tyga had already addressed the issue back in September via Twitter saying “DON’T BELIEVE THE RUMORS.” We don’t have to mention the age difference between the two but Tyga and ex Blacc China have been friends friends with Jenner/Kardashian family for quite some time. Bottom line, you never mention someone’s child, and this particular instagrammer did just that. Tyga fired back at @smartchik78 when she commented this under a pic of Tyga and his son:

“Nasty ass pedophile..your career and family is worth losing over this Kardashian baby thot @kyliejenner..I hope @blacchyna takes you away from your should be locked up.” Tyga lashed back warning her to never speak about his child. 

“@smartchik78 why u sound so hateful. U don’t know sh** bout my life but the fake sh** u read online. Worry about your sad boring life. U wish u can have a baby by a ni*** like me and live this lifestyle.let me guess no one wants u or ever attempted to spoil u and give u the world like I do for mines. Your ugly not just physically but in your soul. Never speak on my son.” 

And there you have it, T-Raww plays no games when it comes to his family.

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