Thursday, October 2, 2014

(Video) Floyd Mayweather Furious That Woman Doesn't Recognize Him

Floyd Mayweather is a lot of things, including the highest-paid athlete in the world. He's also, as portrayed in this video, an arrogant celebrity.

Granted we don't know the context, but a Jamaican woman in London didn't recognize who Money was, so naturally, that set him off.

(Heads up, his tirade contains one f-bomb).

“Google!” Mayweather screamed, when this woman had the audacity to not recognize him.

“Someone show her the Google,” one of Mayweather's handlers added as the crew was apparently all gathered at a barbershop. 

“You know what?” Mayweather responded. “I need to Google you.” 

The woman then asked Mayweather if he knew of Usain Bolt, which prompted Mayweather to play dumb, again.

The 37-year-old, by now struggling to convince her, tries one last time: 'Do you know what Forbes Magazine is? Well you go and pull up one of those.

'You know the Money Man? He makes over $100 million in 60 minutes.' 

According to Forbes, Mayweather made $105m from his first fight with Maidana and his clash with Saul Alvarez last year, a total of 72 minutes in the ring.

He has been on a whirlwind tour of Europe, having been in Paris last weekend before heading for Istanbul and London. He then delivered a boxing masterclass in Moscow on Wednesday.

He is expected to return to the ring in May with Briton Amir Khan among those clambering for a pay day.

The woman in the barbers said she knew who Mike Tyson was and that she watched big fights.

It's a pretty ugly scene for Mayweather, who can't keep himself out of the headlines these days.

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