Sunday, October 19, 2014

Young CBS Producer Deletes Tweet Mocking Rand Paul's Medical Opinion

Katy Conrad is a booker and producer with CBS This Morning, but conservatives quickly made fun of her on Twitter when she mocked Rand Paul's medical opinion, as if he was a doctor. 

(Oops, he is -- an opthalmologist, to be precise.) Via Nick Dyer:

It never hurts to Google search your ridicule targets. "Wait, is Rand Paul actually a doctor?" It might make more sense after you discover Rand Paul's father Ron Paul is also a doctor. It's easy to think tweets are so quick to dash off, and quick to vanish into the Internet ether, who needs research for a tweet?

It's tough to get noticed on something so basic, one of the first three or so biographical facts that would come up about Rand Paul.

Conrad then tweeted an apology:


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