Tuesday, November 25, 2014

AMAs Red Carpet Disaster Bleona Says Parents Are Embarrassed About Her Nearly Naked Dress

She took to social media to promote her single F*** You I'm Famous merely hours after being branded the biggest fashion disaster at the 2014 American Music Awards on Sunday.

And it seems that Bleona Qereti agrees that she owes her new-found name recognition that was brought to her on that night to a fishnet dress worn over a pair of pasties and a thong.

In fact, she’s pleased with the talk in the aftermath of her skin-baring moment, but revealed that it’s her parents who are baring the burden of embarrassment.

‘They aren’t leaving their apartment. They don't even want to come out today,’ she told Us Weekly, adding, ‘But I'm like, “Dude, this is good. This is good.” And they’re like, “What do you mean? You were naked yesterday!” I'm like, "It's fine. Trust me."'

Known as 'Madonna of Albania', according to her Wikipedia page, the singer and Euros Of Hollywood Bravo reality star certainly doesn’t have a problem with getting attention for the wrong reasons, much like Madge.

‘It's a haute couture dress from Shahla Dorriz,’ the 29-year-old boasted, calling it 'larger than life.'

‘It was literally sewn on my body [starting] at 10 a.m. And it took, like, five hours. They put the thread and everything with needles on my body, so thank God I took a shower before they came!’

Although panned as a fashion failure by most observers, she did score at least one compliment on her getup—Jamie Foxx, who brought his five-year-old daughter Annalise on stage that evening to help him present an award.

‘Jamie was like, “Oh, my God, my girl! Let's go, let's do this! You're amazing!”’ the reality star told Us Weekly.

The brunette admitted that the gown, despite its lack of material, wasn't comfortable to wear seated during the AMA festivities, but she's happy with her fashion pick.

'At the end of the day, it was beautiful,' she said.


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